JachtBak| 2021
Hasselt (BE).

Fiber glass, clay, iron, spray-paint, led light.
Variable sizes.

~ Aboleth's Gate

Aboleth's Gate aims to transform a wrecked structure used as a shelter into a demonic portal inspired by a horror/fantasy narrative.

Through this work, I want to draw attention to a whole series of behind-the-scenes aspects of our cities that are hidden from the public we are used to. For many years, I have been active in the world of graffiti, perhaps the most extreme form of train and metro bombing. Even during my studies, I alternated my artistic research in an academy with night escapes inside underground connections and huge train depots with the aim of pushing the name of my crew.

Thanks to this, I started to develop a double vision of this backstage, beginning to observe a series of fascinating cutaways of forgotten or unexplored places in the city, and above all, I started to observe with fascination the aesthetics of certain places of decay.

Aboleth's Gate wants to live from these kinds of visions and wants to associate my experiencing these places with the fantasy that they are the places where one can get closest to the otherworldly and sometimes gloomy world, inherent in fear and anguish.