Video Sound Art Festival- 9th edition- Milano | 2019
Curated by Laura lamonea Thomas Ba.

Cellophane, wood, spray paint, neon, plaster casts.
Variable sizes

~ After Unknown Journeys

Fascinated by the tales of Drexciya and other legendary civilizations, Davide Zulli conducts his artistic practice like an archaeologist operating between reality and fiction. After Unknown Journeys presents a layering and mingling of contrasting elements: on the one hand, the canvases whose writings represent a gesture of aggression, the will to rebel against an oppressive system that is reduced to a destructive action and manifestation of the ego; on the other, the materiality of the casts and their being connected to the artist’s meticulous search for a point of balance. The casts made from artificial and natural objects, real and from the future, create a mixture of different temporalities, of nature and technology, allowing one to imagine something that may go beyond the future dictated by the current state of things.