The objective of this contrast was to draw attention to the differences between the pictures from fantasy literature and role-playing games, mythological components, artifacts, lost and recovered objects from museum archives, and the rough surface painted with crumbling plaster. The intent is to establish a link between the concept of fiction and the concept of contemporary ruins.

~Drawings and Paintings

Layering of forms and the fading of subjects under the white veil of plaster recall the fragility of time, which covers everything left behind.

The subjects depict are mostly fragment of historic building, where the  floral decorations where aside with monstrous, demonic faces or anthropomorphic subject. I like to overlap one this precious artefact or other kind of lost and found museum archeological findings. In contrast with this I draw evil creature, warlock, dragons or similar archetypes inspired by the most common fantasy and horror tales. The confusion that I create help me to fuse perfectly reality and fantasy, giving importance to the final story of the work. Is about destruction, and like in the past, mythology inn a way always helps society to depict event f the past of prepare humanity from what was going to happen, like I guidance through a dark path.

~Guidance | 2023 
Airbrush, pencil, marker ink, plaster, coloured pencils.


~Control the Elephant | 2023
Airbrush, pencil,plaster.

~Re del Nord| 2022 

~ San Francisco, 1906 | 2021 
 Pencil drawing on Cardboard. 

~ Below| 2021
 Airbrush drawing on Cardboard. 

~Dungeon | 2021 
Airbrush drawing on cardboard