~ Ill-Famed Ocean

Biennale delle Accademie-Monza (IT)| 2021
Fiberglass, wood, spray-paint, led light, sprinklers, concrete manta raysculptures, metal shelves.

By creating a speculative fiction, I present a perspective outside of ourtime that reflects on current issues, leading the viewer to think aboutthe present.
Ill- Famed Ocean deals with the spectacularization of certain crimes,such as the intensive exploitation of animals and the clandestine andillegal production of drugs. I was inspired by true stories of criminals
of the past. The stories about their lives, as well as evidence of their cri-mes, were collected and exhibited as if they were objects in a museum.
I want to reflect on how men, unconsciously intrigued by criminals andtheir deeds, have always, in some ways, spectacularised their actionsas if they were heroes of a myth.
The work shows how certain drug dealers can extract an enzyme from
manta rays that causes very strong hallucinations and sensations com-parable to the heaviest drugs available. Over the years, several huts
similar to the one displayed have been found along various coasts ofthe world. Regardless of whether it is fictional or not, viewers will linkthe numerous references in the story to their everyday lives, makingthem realize that what they are observing is something that might aswell have happened. The inner space of the work is only visible througha few holes and by trying to peek through the chained main entrance.
The idea is to prevent the spectator from freely entering this hut, al-lowing him to discover what the structure hides just by spying, fueling
his desire to sneak inside.